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Title  Need to Interpret Brain Waves Activity.
Brain waves as means of communication and recording


Problem For years now the brain activity was monitored with electronic equipment able to detect electric impulses. Strength and origin of those impulses are different depending on different types of brain activity.  

The problem is that no one can interpret and use the wealth of information provided by that type of monitoring.  If true meaning of electronic impulses can be interpreted – this knowledge can be used  to create various DEVICES to obey those electronic impulses.


First Step - Scanning and Interpreting Brain Activity The very first step in utilizing Brain Wave Signals will be a discovery Development of these type of devices will require ability to understand the meaning of all those "random" brain impulses and "hear" when action is called.


Automate Routine Tasks (Learn to Read Brain Waves) First step in utilizing brain Waves will be in automation. Person can issue a command and device will execute the normal routine task. Among the very obvious candidates for improvement are cell phones and remote controls. Just by thinking about a task person can initiate a task.  "Dial", "Start", "Load" or "Remind" can be among the very first task to automate with brain waves devices. 




Second Step - Re-Playing Brain Activity The second giant step in utilizing Brain Waves will be ability to feed those back into the brain to reproduce desired thoughts, feelings or experiences. This will require new generation of DEVICE able not only to read Brain Waves, but "write" them back to brain. In a way it is like a difference between just player and recorder. We know that those impulses exist. We are able to detect them today. The problem with feeding brain waves back to brain is that is is unclear if those waves is just a reflection of some deeper procedures going on inside our head, or they are a raw data, containing all the varieties of emotions, taste, smell and so on. 


Record Emotions and Re-Live the Experience (Learn to feedback brain activity) Person is experiencing some emotions, taste, odor or noise and DEVICE is reading the complex pattern of brain waves. Now device can reproduce those brain waves to help people to re-live any given experience.  From birth to the very death every emotion and every mood will be recorded. It means the we would be able to store people's lives as books in a library after they died. It means that the whole human experience from that point on will be recorded and can be reproduced at any point. 


Amplifying brain waves and new ways to  Communicate Be able to record and store brain waves immediately prompts their transmission. And this fact will revolutionize communications as we know it.  If DEVICE can amplify and send the brain waves – that will change the way people communicate. It is possible that brain waves are the same for people of different race and nationality. It would mean that brain wave devices will overcome language barriers once and for all.  It would mean, that person will be able to transmit not only sound or video information, but emotional information as well.


Potential Moral and Ethical Problems It is very common nowadays to initiate a debate over, say, replication of living creatures, before such think even technically possible.  But it is a purpose of this essay to look ahead for possible ways of human development. And it is only logical to try to envisage problems and complications that can occur on the way.  It will be extremely exciting and provocative to live a life of some other person. It will be intoxicating. But it will be very dangerous.

December 17, 1999


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