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USA features a two-party system.  After 35 days of tedious presidential recounts in November - December of 2000, let's look at what is the difference between two major US political parties.

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Democratic Party Doctrine

Republican Party Doctrine



This party is for poor and for super rich.  This party attracts both missioners and those who like to receive help.  A lot of people with high dreams and goals get attracted. A lot of great ideas to Stop, to Prevent, to Prohibit, to Protect and to Assist is finding a save harbor here.  This party is for people who earn their living on their own. This party attracts those who do not want outside help (assistance) and who is against helping others (assist).


If person: 
- receives any form of Government assistance;
- distributes any form of Government assistance;
- takes some part in making a decisions of what is a fare redistribution system;
- resolves conflicts between Government aid recipients 
all those individuals are perfect candidates for Democratic party.
If person 
- only have time to work and suffer from tax burden - he (or she) is a clear candidate for Republican party.  
Members of this party apparently have time to think about the perfect world, where everybody receives according to urgency of their needs. Members of this party see that it is unfair that someone will receive help paid by their sweat and pain.



Economic doctrine is based on an idea that extra Government spending are able to speed up the economy.  More Government spending bring more jobs, more orders, more activity.  And this gives economic prosperity to everyone. Economic doctrine is based on the idea that lower taxes promote economic activity and society benefits from growing economy.  Cut taxes to grow tax collection field. The lower the taxes - the faster is the growth of new businesses.
An obvious Democratic objection to lower taxation is stagnation in Research and Development, in slower tempo of discoveries and lower progress level.

The biggest objection against "Lower Taxes Equals Prosperity" concept tells that society doesn't need a random economic growth in every sector of the economy.  More than that.  Such random economic growth in over-saturated sectors can be harmful for existing businesses, for workers in this industries and, therefor, for the society.

It seems logical that Republicans disagree with "Activity Equals Prosperity" concept.  How a hard working person will benefit from high taxes and Government spending - more work, more head ache, more worries, more pain.  Let the people who earned the money decide what to do with this money.
Democrats argues that high Government spending not just stimulate activity, but they do it a targeted areas where private capital is lacking or results are too remote for profitable investments. Republicans can't emphasized enough that decisions about investing of public money is done by people (bureaucracy) and that is why subjectivity and favoritism are inevitable.
National Debt - It is OK to have huge National Debt. The bigger debt, the more Government have left for their Spending Programs.

Who cares about this debt!

National Debt - It is OK to have huge National Debt.  If we have to select between repaying debt and returning some taxes back to people - we always select returning taxes.  Who cares about this debt!

Personal Freedoms

Guns - Government has to control this Constitutional freedom because firearms are the only device specifically design to kill.  By regulation right to carry firearms Government is protecting right for life for all.

Abortion - Government should regulate this procedure from Health and Insurance point of view


Guns - The less control - the better.  The danger of controlling Government and defenseless people is portrayed.

Abortion - Religious doctrine is against this procedure.  This makes politicians to vote against this procedure.


Family Matters

Life Style - it is OK to be different. More conservative views on family.


Strong Military to bust economy Strong Military to defeat Communism



Crime and Enforcement

Death Penalty - Criminals are also people

More Police or less Police


Death Penalty - Be tough with Criminals

Health Care

The more Government takes from People and re-pays them in forms of subsidies and programs, the more people feel dependable from Government.

The idea is that all people make different king of money, but when they are sick, they all require an equal amount of care and equal amount of spending.

Let it be.  Let people fight for better pricing with their Insurance Companies. Government should only be watching the fight.


Let's all put a lot of energy and money to improve on current system of Public Education.  Public education is good because it means equal opportunities for kids of different backgrounds.

Trying to teach all kids in the same schools is another cornerstone of stability in society.  Let's do not segregate kids by prosperity of their parents.

More educated minorities and poor can bring higher prosperity to them and to all society.

Do not force me to pay taxes on Education and pay additional money to send my kids to a private school.  Just give me my education tax money in form of a voucher and I will "vote" with it for a better school. If Government unable to create a satisfactory public school system - do not waste the money.

Social Security

Collect 15% of young workers earning to pay retired workers. Can the system be changed to remind 401(k) system, where everyone sees the current standings? The answer is No.



Preserve more. Drill more.

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