You need Windows 95 to be able to view Russian pages on this WEB site! If you don't... use your neighbor's computer 2.

You also need Internet Explorer 3.0 or above or Netscape Navigator 3.0 or above to be able to see Russian pages properly! If you don't... download latest versions of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator


If you have Windows 95 and proper browser and still can't read Russian pages do these steps:


More Information:
How to set up Netscape for Win3.* to use KOI8-R fonts
How to set up Netscape for Win95 to use KOI8-R fonts


It is a shame to use old WEB browser. Your are limiting your own viewing capabilities. Your are limiting WEB developers in their strive to bring your new exiting material. Please, upgrade! Latest versions are available for free! There is no reason not to upgrade.

Latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer for PC is 3.02! IE 3.02 is my personal favorite. Do not use IE 4.0! It takes over your desktop and it is too problematic! Latest version of Netscape Navigator for PC is Netscape Communicator (Preview Release 5) 4.0

You'll notice the difference right away! Both browsers automatically detect page coding and display Russian characters for you!