Written 10/11/2001††Polished 10/12/2001





My New Project


As I entered a brave new world, I suddenly realized that I do not want to go back to old house.I am dreaming about a totally new place, where carpets are spotless, and doors with brass handles are neat and close quietly.I see high ceilings and a lot of lights; I see shiny floors and sparkling kitchen fixtures.


I will allow only pretty or new furniture, and I will throw away all rusty tables and cracked plates.It will be a palace of cozy contemplation.It will be truly place, called home.


Is it possible that all those old and ugly things set such a gloomy and condensed atmosphere that chokes?Is it possible that I canít feel comfortable at home because from the very beginning I felt the pressure of 70 previous years lurking from the walls?


It all depends of you point of view.Before I thought that it is a major distraction and annoyance. But the search for a new place shouldnít be hard.More than that.It should be fun.I know exactly what I am looking for.It is a quiet wooded area with some body of water near by.It is would have a long driveway ending with a wide 2-car garage.It will be near a major highway, and near future interests of mine.


I imagine a bright sunny Saturday.Armed with a hot coffee in one hand and a fresh Boston Globe (or better - local New York Times) in the other I am starting my journey.Browsing every new place is a pleasurable experience.It is easy to imagine a happy life under a brand new roof.


I think I know why I didnít like all this searching and paper work back in 1998.It was too distracting from the work process.It means that I worked too hard.Now I know how to take it easy.Now I know how to set my priorities.Fun is for fun; work - so I can have even more fun.



I will continue my thought process on this new project of mine on Friday, October XIX at Sunset Grill (617-254-1331) at 10:45 PM.