House Winterization


Close Second Frames    

It is a tedious work.  It takes 2-3 hours to locate second frames and close all windows for the winter. 




Secure water supply pipes

Weather channel predicts that on Saturday, October 27, 2001 we are getting a first cold night with  freezing temperatures. Here are the steps that have to be taken in order to prepare the house for the winter.


-         Unscrew all garden hoses and remove all water from them.  Store garden hoses on elevated place in garage.  Note: even small amount of water inside the hose can damage fragile rubber during cold winter nights.  One hose is located upfront where TV cable enters the house.  Second hose is located on the back.


-         Close all three (THREE!) water valves in the basement closest to the wall -


        - near eclectic box

        - above sink

        - above water heater


    and open all three water valves outside the house.  That will ensure that all remaining water will be removed from pipes sticking outside.  That is important to prevent frozen pipes effect.


-         Buy 3 gallons of pink antifreeze and dump them into Jacuzzi.  It is important to put some antifreeze into every small pool of water along the Jacuzzi surface and in water filter compartment.  Pink antifreeze can be purchased in Auto parts store.  It called antifreeze for boats, and last two years I was able to get it at AutoZone near Watertown Mall.