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on January 1, 2000.
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Tip and Tricks
how to make Front Page 2000 WEB Counter to work properly

Question: My provider allows me to publish directly in FrontPage 2000. I can publish directly to <!--http:// ...>. Answer: You all set. FrontPage 2000 will insert WEB Counter and your provider will display it.
Question: My provider allows me to publish in front page, but I have to do it with FTP:
<!-- ftp://>
Answer: WEB Counter will not work properly.  You need to use manual correction technique.


Steps to take to fix your FrontPage 2000 WEB Counter

This is a very good example how to manually correct you code in Notepad and FTP the page to your WEB server.  The only change we have to do on our page is to replace local string (Ex.: Z:/WEB) to actual path on your WEB server. <!--
<font face="Comic Sans MS">
Counter reset to zero<br>
on February 25, 2000.<br>
Hits since last reset:<br>
<!--webbot bot="HitCounter" u-custom="Digits/Start.gif" i-digits="0" i-image="4" PREVIEW="&lt;strong&gt;[Hit Counter]&lt;/strong&gt;" i-resetvalue="401" startspan --><img src="_vti_bin/fpcount.exe/username/WEB/?Page=t.htm|Custom=Digits/Start.gif" alt="Hit Counter"><!--webbot bot="HitCounter" endspan -->
 Steps to take:
  1. Publish your WEB to server with FTP
  2. Open the WEB page with WEB Counter and make the correction
  3. Upload corrected page to the server
  4. Reset initial counter value


Resetting the counter to any value

Question: How to reset you FrontPage 2000 WEB Counter to arbitrary initial value Answer: WEB Counter keeps track of number on hits in directory "_PRIVATE" or "_private".  Each page with WEB Counter has its own representation.
Steps to take:
  1. Open FTP session with you WEB site
  2. Locate directory "_private"
  3. Download file "YourPage.htm.cnt"
  4. Edit the value and save the file
  5. Upload the file back to your service provider

Last Hope Note: Some Days my service provider doesn't support FrontPage 2000 WEB Server Extensions.  If my WEB counter doesn't work - it is one of those days.