Tuesday, December 19

The reef barrier ocean side for snorkeling

The village has ocean on three sides.  One of the beaches is protected by a reef, which you can swim to for some phenomenal snorkeling. And that’s what we did – our whole Russian team went snorkeling.  This was our first time so we saw a lot of new things – all shapes of reef (we even brought some home to make paperweight out of it), bright colored fish and even tiny sharks. But wait for a quiet day so the water is nice and clear. Also keep away from the reef for they can scratch your skin badly.  And make sure you tell the staff about the scratches, they have to treat them – reefs are living animals, they might have bacteria.

7:00 PM. Each night there were Latin dance lessons at the dance court. My Lira again showed some class dancing salsa, rumba and cha-cha. After that we did crazy signs  where people line up to dance to European disco music with the staff members leading us. The atmosphere during crazy signs was so contagious that even the shyest people came out of their hiding places behind the trees and started dancing.