Sunday, December 17

View to the Lagoon where we did water skiing

Every time Lira and I go somewhere I can’t help but notice how people react to her.  She impresses them immediately. She mesmerizes them. And I know why - because she is Special.

A lot of good-looking people come to Cancun from all over the world but my Lira  stands out like the brightest star in the sky.  No single woman in the world can compare to her beauty, elegance and class. I have never even “liked” any other women because no one can come close to her level of intelligence and sophistication. Women nowadays are so plain and dull with their “desperate and available for a fee” behaviors and boring personalities. My Lira glows with confidence and self-respect. She radiates inspiration and optimism.

My Lira inspires me. She brings sparks of delight and liveliness to my life. She is so charming and mysterious that I cannot leave her alone even for a minute because men want her attention so much! I know I have nothing to worry about but I still want to protect her. I feel so lucky to be of service to my Princess, my Muse, my Goddess of Beauty and Love! I adore her and I want to make her the happiest woman on Earth.

Wake up at 7:15 AM. A morning walk with my love along the sandy shore. It takes 20 minutes to walk around the camp. It’s quite big with a long beautiful white sand beach, two restaurants, a gym, a large pool, and numerous courts – for tennis, basketball, beach volleyball and dancing. The club can fit about 850 guests.  

9:45 AM - Orientation with Ryan – an American head of staff from California who speaks at least five languages. He explained how to participate in all the activities.  Another guy with a heavy French accent told us all about excursions around the Yucatan peninsula (for an extra fee).  A lot of staff members here are French speaking.  Most of them are from Europe and speak several languages.  No one spoke Russian yet.

Crocodile – yes, it does live in the Lagoon, two of them.  They are fed every day, mornings and evenings by the staff.

2:30 PM Water Skiing – both Lira and I got up on water-skis the first day we tried them but it was really hard to do. The crocodile was definitely a good encouragement for us not to fall. A lot of balance and strength is needed for water skiing. From that day on we were water skiing every day. The boat takes you around for five minutes – and it is such an exiting journey with the wind blowing your way, the sun shining and blue water around you.  The lines were long because this sport was the most favorite in the club but it was worth waiting for.