Monday, December 18

Lunch 12:30 - 2:00 PM.  Abundance of food at the buffet style restaurant.  Asian, Mexican, Italian, French. Corona Beer and French wine were offered every day. During breakfast besides choices of pancakes, harsh browns, sausages, cereal, etc., you can have a customized omelet made for you from any ingredients you pick.

French chefs know how to impress us with a variety of gourmet meals.  It was there we finally understood what French meant by saying “It’s all in the sauce”. People started guessing how many pounds they were going to gain during the seven days.  Our activity (energy) level stayed very high during the whole week so we had nothing to worry about.

Every night at 9 PM there was an entertainment show in the theater, made by the staff members. Mexican Folklore show, Titanic Show (a very funny French satire of the famous movie), Grease - they were all comical and full of life.

Monday evening was different. It was a guest show scheduled for that night. The guests were entertaining and not the staff members. My Lira participated in the show.  She modeled for the local boutique and danced for a Ricky Martin song. When she modeled people thought she was a real model. She had the right attitude and walked like a model. When she danced they thought she was a real dancer. My gorgeous performer wife was moving so beautifully and gracefully! She was the Star of the show! After that night people everywhere started recognizing and complimenting her and I had to guard and protect her even more from her "admirers".