Friday, December 22

In the gym

La Palapa restaurant

Dima, Lira, Sergey, Tosha and Lena

Every morning before breakfast there was a yoga stretch class in the gym.  It was Lira’s favorite time of the day.  She is so flexible she can do wonders with her body. I cannot even touch my feet with tips of my fingers.  But I still liked the class.  I discovered muscles that I didn't know I had before.

That day we went water-skiing and sailing. La Palapa was the closest restaurant to sailing so the six of us Russians had lunch there. We discovered coconut ice cream with pineapple there and since then it became our favorite.

We had a good time at Cancun with our bright and easygoing Russian friends. We spent breakfast, lunch and dinner time together, enjoyed a lot of activities and shared our experiences here at Cancun.