Saturday, December 16

We had our vacation scheduled for a week in December, right before Christmas and after the hurricane season. Our friend Lena who went with us did an excellent job organizing the trip.

The flight by Sun Country was supposed to leave at noon.  It left three hours later but we had a perfect opportunity to get to know better our 4 Russian friends Dima, Sergey, Tosha and Lena that we were going to spend the vacation with.

We did not need a visa to Mexico. Green Card with Russian passport was OK. No problems at customs. Four  hours and 15 minutes later we arrived in Cancun airport. It was after 7 EST (6 local time).  

Club Med vans were already waiting for us outside. In 20 minutes we crossed the security checkpoint of the village.  We entered what Russians would call a pioneer camp.  It is all-inclusive as long as you stay within the village territory.

They took us to a theater hall, gave us a brief introduction to the facility and offered a welcome drink and fruits. We got our plastic bracelets, indicating our guest status and our week. These bracelets were to remain on us for the entire stay.

Humble Mexicans delivered our bags to our rooms. This was the only time we had to tip ($1) someone in the village (not including housekeeper at the end of the stay).  The room with two twin beds was very nice with a balcony overlooking a quiet Laguna.