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Fully Referenceable From All Clients Serviced to Date


Senior JD Edwards consultant with 12+ years of experience including Functional (5 years), Technical (4 years), Management (2 year). Spent 4 years working with World software and 7 years with EnterpriseOne (including OneWorld B7332, Xe, ERP8 and EnterpriseOne 8.9, 8.10, 8.11 and 9.0).
Serviced clients in Distribution, Manufacturing, Service, Financial, Energy and other industries.
Projects included 5 full implementations, multiple software re-engineering efforts, as well as upgrades, custom application development, reporting, interface design, data migration and database conversions.
Technical Skills
Expert Level (EnterpriseOne) Design, code, test and debug applications and custom reports in all major modules with OMW and C.  Modify existing JDE objects and Business Functions, apply fixes.  Data conversion and interfacing into and out of JDE.
C/C++, SQL programming and MS SQL 2000,2005 and 2008 Server, AS/400 SQL, DB2, MS Access
(World) IBM iSeries (IBM AS/400), CL, RPG III and RPGILE (RPG IV), CASE Tool
Functional Skills
Expert Level - Sales Order Processing (42), Procurement (43), General Ledger(09), Currency Restatement and Cash Basis (11), Accounts Receivable (03 03B), Accounts Payable (04), Fixed Assets (12), Inventory (41), Address Book (01), EDI (47), Z-file processing, World Writer
Intermediate Level – Work Orders (31) Forecasting (34), Payroll (07), Vertex, JDE Security, Q-Soft
Management Skils
Manage and implement double JDE and D/B upgrade from OneWorld B7332 to EnterpriseOne 8.9. Project management. Client resource coordination.
CNC Skills
Expert Level - define, build and deploy packages for JDE OneWorld, OCM, FAT Client configuration and maintenance, environment setup and maintenance, OMW security
Intermediate Level - EnterpriseOne installation, D/B and Migration scenario scripts, JDE Security


2011/03 – Present
New York, MA
Showtime Networks, Inc. (through Abraic, Inc.)
Project Manager
Plan, prepare and schedule a comprehensive hardware and software upgrade for AS/400 and Windows Servers. Establish compatibility levels between components. Project includes Windows upgrade from 2003 to 2008 Servers, Tools Release upgrade from 8.93 SP1 to, WebSphere upgrade from 5.0 to 6.1, and desktop base upgrade from IE6 to IE8. Responsibilities include sequencing the events, organizing creation of User Acceptance Scripts, coordinating client CNC and external CNC professional, schedule and organize tests and signoffs, deliver the final upgraded JDE seamlessly for the user community.
2007/08 – 2010/10
Burlington, MA
InterGen Services, Inc. (through Abraic, Inc.)
Senior EnterpriseOne consultant
Support and development for EnterpriseOne 8.11 multicurrency environment on AS/400 platform. Company spans 5 continents. Projects include Mexican Tax Reporting, enabling cash basis accounting, converting to a new UK tax rates in GBP/EUR,  EFT interfaces for banks in Europe and Mexico, transition to a new E1 security model, multiple A/R, A/P, and G/L reports, interactive applications for user-driven upload of data into and out of JDE.
Ocean Springs,MS
Blossman Gas (through Abraic, Inc.)
Senior EnterpriseOne consultant
Upgrade financial modules (A/P, G/L, F/A) from World to EnterpriseOne 8.11. Design step-by-step migration process based on native Oracle routine. Perform gap analysis. Write multiple additional conversion routines and inrefaces in E1 and MS Access. Test Vertex to work with gas distribution requirements. Work with user community to ensure completeness of test scripts. Provide support and problem resolution on all stages around and after go-live date.
New York, NY
Showtime Networks, Inc. (through Abraic, Inc.)
Senior EnterpriseOne consultant
Convert from JDE World to EnterpriseOne 8.10 in two stages. Convert all major modules and interfaces on the first stage. Convert heavily-modified A/R module and custom interfaces on the second stage. Setup Direct Deposit and Positive Pay interfaces with Chase Manhattan Bank utilizing native EnterpriseOne functionality. Setup entire A/R module during second stage of implementation: setup document types, both financial and distribution and manufacturing AAI(s), UDC tables, reason codes. Document requested screen modifications, coordinate interface testing with bank and third party providers.
Boston, MA
First Marblehead
Senior PeopleSoft consultant
Plan, develop and implement parent company integration into JD Edwards. Address Book, Chart of accounts and G/L conversion. Modify/update default amortization schedule to allow company to save on taxes. Plan and implement JDE menu security to comply with industry regulations. Coordinate IT efforts to upgrade software to the latest cumulative level. Day-to-Day user community support.
Flanders, NJ
Diagnostic Products Corporation (through Abraic, Inc.)
Senior PeopleSoft consultant
Plan, develop and test A/P interest processing application. Custom JDE application to include multiple screen, reports and purge interfaces.  Provide support during unit and functional test.   Resolve various A/P and G/L application errors due to security modifications.
New York, NY
International Securities Exchange (through Abraic, Inc.)
Senior JD Edwards Consultant, Project Manager
Plan, manage and implement a JDE software upgrade from OneWorld version B7332 to PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne 8.9.   Manage and coordinate an effort of several third party and internal resources.   Perform a complete retrofitting procedure.  Discover, troubleshoot and fix multiple upgrade and customization software conflicts.  Install multiple software fixes on Deployment server.
Coordinate data conversion from in-house trading system into JDE SQL database.  Setup data control system.  Provide key functional and technical support to an ISE JDE user group. Design detail specifications for new custom modifications of applications and reports.  Plan and control user modifications, implement modifications, build and deploy packages on FAT clients.
Configure multilevel approval routes to streamline Requisition Order processing.   Map, design and code all new Purchase Requisition forms for online users. Provide complete documentation on upgrade and modification issues.  Provide training for new Object Management Workbench functionality.
2001/09 - 2003/07
New Haven, CT
TransPro, Inc. (through Abraic, Inc.)
JDE World Senior Programmer Analyst
Provide comprehensive day-to-day JDE support for a major automotive after-market dealer.  Coordinate and oversee merge of acquired third-party branches into JDE data structure.  Take over and manage client recourses to retrofit custom modifications for cumulative upgrade and testing.  Provide a detailed documentation on the scope of modifications.  Fix multiple EDI transmission problems and fix incorrect data issues.  Convert an old manual payroll interface routine with new automated procedure.  Write a brand new payroll interface to link JDE and Zurich Payroll System.  Extensive use of Z-Batch processing. Coordinate efforts of several internal resources to verify, test and adopt new interface. 
2000/08 – 2001/07
New Bedford, MA
AFC Cable Systems (through Abraic, Inc.)
Senior JDE Consultant
Provide a comprehensive JDE development, support and maintenance services for a major national cable distribution company.  Design and write cash application interface from AFC to Melon bank.  Modify JDE original and custom screens and reports.  Move EDI server to an offsite Sterling Commerce server.  Implement bar-coding project for Fittings division.
Design, code and implement Inventory Planning module.  Write multiple screens and custom reports for effective Inventory Management.
Examine legacy ‘Sales Points’ application and design and code new Bonus Points Redemption application link to JD Edwards system to notify customers about various promotional programs based on volume of sales.
2000/02 – 2000/08
Milwaukee, WI
Group II Communications (through Abraic, Inc.)
Senior Programmer Analyst
Convert original JDE Sales Order interface to PC Connection based JDE interface.  Provide a day-to-day maintenance and support (up to 50% though telecommuting).  Wrote availability, sales order, and customer service modules to provide online JDE to WEB connectivity.  Implement first JDE to WEB real-time WEB site on AS/400 to Windows 2000 Server base.
1999/09 – 2000/02
Schenectady, NY
Schenectady International (through Abraic, Inc.)
JDE Programmer Analyst
Day-to-day support in post go-live environment. Code multiple custom reports to replace legacy reports. Troubleshoot and fix JDE interface to a third-party shipping module.  Convert ADP to Windows and write JDE to ADP payroll interface.
1998/08 – 1999/09
New Britain, CT
Moore Medical Corp. (through Abraic, Inc.)
JDE Implementation Specialist
Analyze legacy data; create conversion mapping for JDE sales, A/P and G/L data.  Provide a day-to-day JDE support.  Write a credit card processing module for online payment processing. Write multiple inbound and outbound interfaces to Government and private marketing agencies.
Customize shipping handling within JDE.  Integrate a third party module to work with JDE, update database and generate daily reports.
1998/08 – pres
Eastern USA
Various JDE Projects in Eastern USA (through Abraic, Inc.)
World / OneWorld/EnterpriseOne Sytem Analist
Yankee Book Peddler – A/P and G/L Data Conversion

CGI – AS/400 libraries and environments manipulation to setup various test scenarios; code and document custom tax calculations

Schwarz – Design, code, implement Credit Card validation processing, provide IT staff training

Hasler, Inc. – Upgrade VERTEX and troubleshoot custom interface calculation problems

Aggregate Industries – (100% Remote) Code a custom depreciation calculation methods based on two phone conferences with users
1994/05 – 1998/06
Boston, MA
Welsh Consulting, Inc.
Network Consultant – Senior Network Consultant
Network administration for investment and banking clients in greater Boston area.   Windows NT, Netware, Ethernet networking, TCP and IPX networks, resource sharing, MS Exchange and WEB servers, TCP and IPX routers, firewall protection, server emergency recovery plans,  register and manage domain names for clients, design and implement WEB sites.


1999/07 – 1999/10
Cambridge, MA
Harvard Extension School
C++ Programming II
1988/11 – 1991/06
Moscow, USSR
Institute of Economics Soviet Academy of Sciences
Post-Graduate Studies
1983/07 – 1988/06
Moscow, USSR
Moscow State University
Bachelor Degree in Economics and Mathematics - Magna cum Laude